iBeacon for iOS Bluetooth Low Enegy 4.0 Include SDK and BackEnd

Place of Origin:
Propinsi Jawa Timur, Indonesia
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Cube 71-07-190515
Dissipation Power:
2,4 GHz
Network range:
80-100 m
Main chip:
Model number:
Cube 71-07-190515
iOS 7.0 / Android 4.3
37 mm x 37 mm x 37 mm
Supply Ability:
2000 Box/Boxes per Month
Packaging Details
1 pack = 3 Pcs beacons. 1 carton = 108 Pcs beacons. 1 carton = 36 pack. Shipped from Indonesia.
Lead Time:

Cubeacon Developer Kit contains of 3pcs Beacon devices will transmit Bluetooth signal and deliver notification if a smartphone caught its signal. By integrating SDK with Mobile apps, it will ease the process of notification delivery.

With iBeacon technology, Cubeacon deliver push notification from contextual mobile ads like image, text, video, HTML, and URL Link.

Cubeacon Trio2.jpg

Product Description

Cubeacon works without Bluetooth pairing and support with every smartphone with Bluetooth version 4 (iPod, iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C / 6. iPad Mini, iPad 3rd / 4 th generation, apple watch) and Android OS 4.3 and so on.


Cubeacon developer kit can be used for enterprise like retail, smart home, smart building, smart transportation, digital payment, customers loyalty, smart museum, smart school, smart warehouse, public places, smart city, indoor mapping, Location Based Marketing, and any IoT needs.


Cubeacon Range

Cubeacon can reach approximately 80-100 meters in the open space. But it is suggested to place it in 15-20 meters for effective usage.


Cubeacon Battery

Cubeacon battery lasts for approximately 2 years by keep broadcasting signal non-stop.


Cubeacon SDK

Cubeacon SDK can be downloaded for free at www.cubeacon.com


Cubeacon Apps

Cubeacon Apps can be downloaded at Play Store and Google Play for free to help developer set Cubeacon major and minor, tracking signal, and integrate from device.


Cubeacon Datasheet

Cubeacon datasheet is available at www.cubeacon.com and can be downloaded for free.

Cubeacon in box2.jpg

How it works

Cubeacon is using iBeacon technology. It will transmit Bluetooth signal and deliver campaign or notification to smartphone that caught the signal.

Place Cubeacon wherever you want. It is designed in small cube so user can put it or hang it easily. Set the major and minor from your smartphone. You can also set various storyline that you want to show.

Packaging & Shipping

1. Shipment

Cubeacon is shipped from Indonesia.

2.  Shipment Company

Shipment Company: DHL, FeDex, UPS, EMS.

3.  Packaging Process

The packaging process takes approximately 2 days after you finished your payment.

Cubeacon box2.jpg

Package Included

Cubeacon Backend

Cubeacon also provides BackEnd as a Service (BaaS) to ease developer set Cubeacon. By purchasing Cubeacon box, developer can get free API Calls up to 250.000 in Cubeacon BaaS.


Cubeacon is a one stop solution for iBeacon developer. Cubeacon provides free 3 months Management Service by redeeming boxcode on Cubeacon package. There are severel features in Cubeacon Backend:

– Management group device beacons

– Geofencing

– StoryLine, support image, video, text, URL.

– RealTime Analytics

– HeatMap

– Indoor Mapping



Cubeacon with Bluetooth Low Energy can deliver informtion without needing data charge or pairing. It will only require Bluetooth Signal. The Implementation of Cubeacon itself can be seen in retail business.

Cubeacon one (1).JPG


– Cubeacon Deployment in Store.

Customer Loyalty is the best example for Cubeacon deployment in a store. Place Cubeacon in your store and it will automatically transmit Bluetooth signal. Customers’ smartphone will automatically caught Cubeacon signal and it will receive campaign and notification. Greet your customer when they are entering your store and surprise them with discount and campaign that sent directly to their smartphone. Spoil them with your best service. Even better you can analyze customer behavior.

– Cubeacon Deployment for Internet of Things (IoT).

Using Smart Bluetooth technology, Cubeacon can deliver data without pairing. Cubeacon can be placed in your car to track if you forgot where you parked. Tracking is easier since it can be done from smartphone.

– Cubeacon Deployment for Smart Environment

It is easy to create smart environmnt with Cubeacon. Notice what your environment needs by deploying cubeacon. It will remind you that your garden needs water or your kids are playing way too far.

– Cubeacon for Tracking.

With Microlocation feature, Cubeacon is perfect device to track anything around you. Put cubeacon on your dog, and you can find it if it’s lost. Or maybe hang it as your key chain and track it when you forgot wher you put your car keys.


Cubeacon is bundling with QPoin. A loyalty apps that let you receive free coupon and discount from your favorite store. Poin you received can be redeemed by rewards or cash back.


Additional features :

– Geolocation Merchant

Visit your favorite store by finding the location through apps.

– Lucky Code

It can be redeemed by special price.

– User Level

There are 3 User Level in QPoin: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The benefit of this level is the higher rewards and cash back.



1. Cubeacon provides White Label service.

Our White label service(nRF51822 perimeter beacon card exporter situated in China ) is available for developers who want to enhance their business. We have Custom Logo, Custom UUID, Custom Apps, Custom Color.

– Custom Logo: Have your own company logo on Cubeacon.

– Custom UUID: Set UUID based on your own company.

– Custom Apps: Have your own apps to ease you integrate with your beacon.

– Custom Color: Pick your own favorite color for your beacon.

2. What comes with the box?

Cubeacon comes with 3 beacon devices and coin battery for each beacon. You can also get API Calls up to 250.000by redeeming boxcode on Cubeacon Package.

2015-07-07 12.36.12.jpg

3. How long the battery last?

The battery lasts approximately for 2 years. When Cubeacon battery runs out, you can replace with CR 2477.

4. Do you take custom order?

Yes, we take custom quantity order.

5. Further question

Contact us as cs(@)cubeacon(.)com


1. Design Industry Copyright DirJen HKI Reg No. A00201401985/11/07/2014

2. SDK and SaaS (Software as a Service) Copyright DirJen HKI Reg No. C00201402899/2014-07-11

3. Cubeacon Trademark Reg No. D002014032786/11/07/2014

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