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Rogers Smart Homes

A Powerful Connection Means a Smart Home

56k just doesn't cut it anymore. The quality of your lifestyle is dependent on the speed of your connection, which may be why some countries have declared internet access a human right. We don't have to get political to agree that an internet connection is something that makes just about every life better.

One of the ways that an internet improves your life is by improving your home. Today, the wacky 50s dream of the automated home has become a true reality. Through the power of apps and Bluetooth, you can develop a closer relationship with most of your appliances, including your TV, stereo and even your toaster.

TVs have probably enjoyed the most attention when it comes to new functionality, and your internet connection can empower you to create an almost unlimited media library that can be accessed from all over your home. You've probably heard of home network-reliant toys like Roku and AppleTV. If you want to use them to create the features of a smart home, you need an excellent home network.

Plenty of other appliances can benefit from a strong home network. Thermostats, for example, are now usually accessible from your phone. The same goes for your home speaker system, and many kitchen appliances.